Welcome to Squaresvilles costume wig collection.

Squaresville offers value-priced premium quality costume and party wigs for women and men.We can special order wigs with advanced notice.Examples of headwear we carry, classic fedoras,apple jacks,newboys,4 colors of go go hats.

Our pre-packaged wigs fit all head sizes and are the perfect accessory for all your costume needs
We showcase a variety of styles and divide our selection into decades. Here are a few examples:
1950s - Beehives, Elvis styles, the ducktail
1960s - The spitcurl, flips, unisex hippie, Sonny & Cher styles, go-go
1970s - Several colors and styles of afros, Farrah styles, men's shag & feathered look.
1980s - Headbanger, heavy metal, mullets, punk, glam